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Cinema Woes

(Pokes account) Huh, what do you know, still alive.

After my open training, I decided I'd play cinema catch up and check up a few of the movies I still had to see. Les Miserables was at the top of that list, but the times were never convenient. So instead, decided to go see The Impossible again, then catch Cirque du Soleil.

However, this plan didn't quite work out. Midway through The Impossible a woman jumped up and started screaming. Her mother had collapsed and/or thrown up, so the movie was interrupted and the lights turned back on until the woman had recovered enough to be walked out. According to the first aider, it's been happening at least once a day with The Impossible, she knew immediately what movie she was being called to.

Movie started up again from a few minutes before the pause to help catch up, and afterwards went to go get a ticket for Cirque du Soleil before I went looking for dinner. However I discovered it would cost me £6 to go see it - something they keep pretty quiet on their boards, and since I don't actually know what it'll be like, I decide to pass until I read some reviews. Instead, seeing what was available, I went to see Flight. I like Denzel Washington, its got a dozen awards, and it looked really interesting.

When the first shot opens up on a naked breast, I start to think I might have made a mistake. Flight has become the only film in history that I've actually walked out of midway through. And I've seen some stinkers, but never a movie that repulsed me enough to actually get me out the door. Clearly my brain is not sophisticated enough to appreciate its Academy Award winning genius.