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New Year, New Start

First off, I've posted it on Facebook, but since not everybody uses it, I'll ask here too. Getting ready to book Minamicon accommodation, but don't have a roommate. If somebody wants a roommate or a room let me know.

Anyway, there's been good news this Jan. I've finally closed deal on a new roomshare. I'll be paying £100 more a month than I was (literally the very limit of my budget), but I'm closer to town and have a huge living room to do sewing and TKD patterns in, so that's something). More roommates too, but only sharing the bathroom with one of them.

To be honest, not sure if I'm gonna be keeping this journal up. Not many people frequent livejournal anymore, and I'm definitely not updating as often as I should. Might just post every now and then, but think it's probably going into retirement.