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Not what I planned.

Was going to write a post about the hideous bruise I got last week complete with photos...but I saw something on my way home from work that's sent my brain into emotional breakdown and I need to get it out through the only medium that works for me other than talking.

Note - it is NOT a happy story, especially for dog lovers.

Mount Street is one of the last roads I walk down to get home. Its a one way street that's lined with houses, but no driveways. As such, everyone on the street parks on one side of the street, which means visibility is very poor, and drivers are MEANT to drive slowly down the street in case anything pops out suddenly (which on a street with MANY dogs, cats and small children, is a regular occurrence).

Today is no exception. Since its the school holidays, everyone is home so that side of the road is packed with cars. Kids are screaming in gardens and since its actually a nice day, some people are walking dogs. One is this large American Bulldog mix. As it walks past me I see a cat I'm quite familiar with (its VERY affectionate) get a little agitated when it comes closer, so I stop to stroke him and help calm him down. As I do, this little face pops out from between cars to investigate the bulldog. Its this adorable little Chihuahua/terrier mix with a rhinestone collar. The owner of the bulldog looks up, and as I'm the only one in the street asks if its mine. It waddles back into the cars, and I shake my head, stand up and begin walking, saying its not mine...just in time to see this poor dog go under the wheels of a passing SUV.

In front of its five year old owners who had just ran through the gate they'd left open.

The driver was going WAY too fast - but at the same time, the size of his car and the size of the dog - by the time the dog had ran into the street it would have been under the bonnet and out of site. Doubt he even realised there WAS anything in the road until he felt the bump.

But I just keep seeing this poor thing go under the wheels, and then the screaming of the kids. Dad ran out but you could tell the poor thing had minutes.

It doesn't help that I was so close - maybe 2-3 metres away, and I can't help but wonder if I hadn't stopped to pet the cat, I would have walked past just after the bulldog and it might have gotten distracted by me instead of walking out into the road. Its probably stupid to think like that but I can't seem to help it.

Then there's this other part of me that's just angry. You live on a busy road - YOU KNOW its busy, that visibility is awful and people drive up it way too fast. Your kids are FIVE - yes THEY know not to go on the road but the dog doesn't. Dogs are NOT cats - the majority of them don't have particularly great survival instincts. If you're gonna let them out with your kids unsupervised at least hone in that the gate stays CLOSED! When I was little, my best friend lost her spaniel this way - when her cousins came to visit and left their gate open. Mac once got out the house without us knowing and sparked a hideous panic. Thank the gods we lived on a cul de sac and he'd just gone his normal walking route which was about as far away from roads as we could get - but for the 10 minutes we were looking I was positive we were gonna find him dead on the side of the road.

Sorry for this, but I've been shaking and crying since I saw it and needed to process. I don't know how I'm going to walk down that street again without thinking about it.



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Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
Oh my God. That is so incredibly sad, and I cannot begin to imagine the trauma you must be feeling from seeing that happen so close to you.

It's so easy to say "oh, if only I had/hadn't done [such and such]" but the sad truth is that it happened the way it happened and no amount of hindsight will ever change it.

Sending big hugs your way D, I hope you will be okay.
Jul. 23rd, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'm feeling a lot better now (though couldn't bring myself to go down that street for a few days). Its just something time will help with. I just hope the kids that saw it aren't too traumatised.
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