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Meeting with Mother

So spent the weekend with my brother and mum - for the first time in years. I was more than a little nervous, history suggest that me and mother in each other's company for any extended period of time will end badly.

However, it wasn't that bad. One hiccup when I mentioned the PinkStinks campaign that I follow (we definitely do NOT agree on that, and I'm rather passionate about that - thankfully dropped it before we got too much into it though).

On Friday we mostly went shopping. She wanted to spoil me and Jay since she hadn't seen us in a while. Even before we started she'd brought me back earrings and, to my delight, a pair of black leather boots with low heel! They're PERFECT.

Course, we tried to keep her from going too crazy (she raised us well, money-wise). Wanted to buy me a new watch, but I insisted that my fossil watch from 2 years ago was still working just fine. Instead replaced a lot of t-shirts and dress trousers for work, along with a red dress and a new bag. She also ended up giving me a trench coat that she'd bought but didn't really like - as someone who loves trench coats (but can never afford them), I was happy to take it. Jason was after a new pair of converse shoes since his were shredded...she ended up getting him two pairs in different colours.

On Saturday we tried to avoid the shops, and instead, turned our attention to Jason - who in the morning got a job offer from a coffee shop he'd interviewed at. He was a little nervous, but eventually decided to take it on the grounds that the hours were SO much better than Costa were right now. We ended up having lunch there - its a place called Laurie's, and if you're looking for good food, check it out. The soup was gorgeous, and price wise it wasn't half bad.

Afterwards we decided to go the cinema to see Safe - but when we got there it wasn't on, so ended up seeing 'Salmon Fishing in The Yemen'. MUCH MUCH better than I thought it would be. Since cinema was so close to the hotel, we went in the evening again to see Avengers. Sadly, mum didn't enjoy it that much.

The next day, Mum (also remembering what it was like when we weren't given space) said she would spend it with Jason while I spent the afternoon with An-chan (since I was already in Glasgow). Had coffee at Tinderbox, ate at Ichiban and went round the usual haunts before saying goodbye and heading back to the hotel. Ended up watching the last legs of that Manchester City match before grabbing an train home.

Mum was heading up to see her mum on Monday, and heading into Aberdeenshire to see people. I'll be catching up with her on Saturday, which is the only time she has free.