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And I hit a nice uphill slope.

(punches air) 9.3 on my bleep test tonight! Never gotten higher than 8.7 and wasn't feeling that good today so beyond elated with that. Also managed more press ups than usual, but got less on the plank test.

I've been in a bummed mood about Taekwondo for a while - I'm really struggling at this level. Now, I always struggle at each level, but its been over a month and I'm still haven't got a good grasp of the basics in the pattern, let alone the pattern itself. So this gives me hope that I'll be able to get back on track soon.

Should probably help that I'll be able to go to Sunday training from now on too. If you weren't keeping up to date, I handed in my notice at the end of March, and as of the 29th of April, I am no longer an employee of Morrisons. I will forever more be £230 out of pocket each month (winces in pain), but on the other hand, will no longer be tired, exhausted, sick and generally be taken advantage of by money-saving head honchos who have no clue what its like to be on the shop floor.

My last Sunday really drove home why I had to go. We've lost a ton of staff, and the supervisors were told they weren't allowed to hire anyone to replace them (on top of which, someone's gone on holiday and another is about to take paternity leave) and instead transfer people from other parts of the store (making THEM short staffed). So work has, slowly but surely, been piling up. I came in to find not only was there still a pallet from last nights load still to be worked, but a promo pallet from TWO nights before, and our normal chill literally full to the brim with trolleys while the shop floor was empty. And only two of us in, one to do bread, and me to do the load with the night shifter till they left.

It actually got to the point where customers are noticing how overworked we are. They kept complaining about the lack of things on the shelves, and to be honest, we probably had all of them in the back - we just couldn't GET to them. By the time the morning (and previous nights) load had been done, the two of us on morning just had an hour to try and do as much of the back chill as possible before we had to leave the ONE member of staff for the rest of her 8 hour shift on her own for the rest of the day. Guess what? Everything on the trolleys went out -_-

I will in all honesty really REALLY miss Morrison (don't scoff!). You can't spend 7 years in a place without becoming pretty heavily invested in it. But I was simply tired of being tired - and as much as I believe in loyalty (and money), its no longer something that I can continue to do happily.

Though its time to place your bets on whether or not I shoot out of bed at 6 on Sunday cursing and thinking I'm late. Entirely possible.